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Remembering… Open-Cockpit Biplane & Cabin Sky Rides 2000 – 2005

Important! We are no longer offering skyrides in the biplane. We encourage you to enjoy a skyride in our “new” 1946 Piper J3 Cub or our Cessna Skyhawk (available year-round)

We have sold the biplane to our colleage Sam Dodge of Washington state. We look forward to providing some photos of his journey from Stratford to Washington soon.
We are leaving this page up as a momento of our Bi-Plane skyride offerings from 2000 – 2005.

Remember, reference to biplane skyrides are for “memory-lane” purposes and this service has been discontinued in 2005.

Climb Aboard for The Sky Ride of Your Life!

Capt. Morgan Kaolian

“Hi. I’m Morgan Kaolian. You’re invited to climb aboard our Winkle Kinner BIRD biplane and enjoy an aerial tour of Fairfield and New Haven Counties plus beautiful Long Island Sound. Thrill to a new and exhilarating experience: flying as it was during the “Golden Years” of aviation, the twenties and thirties.”

Capt. Morgan Kaolian

Team pilot veteran Dave Sayles (right) with passengers. The Brunner Winkle biplane is piloted from the rear seat. That’s right… you get to sit up front.

You will be all smiles too!

Passengers Pam and Anthony Fusco are all smiles after their flight.

Climb Aboard Come on, Climb Aboard!
Flights are in season, generally May through October. Flights run weekends and weekdays by request. Call (203) 375-3686 for flight information.
Flights operate out of Sikorsky Memorial in Stratford, South Main Street side.
See Skyride Directions and map.

See Skyride Directions and map to South Main Street / Sikorsky Memorial Airport

See what our sky-riders have to say…

Kris and Regina live in Brookyn, 		         Our Biplane was made in Brooklyn, NY in 1929.

“Beyond anything I would have imagined or expected.” – Kris

Kris Woods and Regina Lian of Brooklyn, NY

Lauren was quite hesitant... 		         On take-off she gave us the 'thumbs up' 				    and had a great time.

“Totally original. Different from your everyday adventure! Makes for a great Sunday afternoon!

Matt Stosse and Lauren Bernacchia of Branford, CT

Wolfgang and Jamie Hahn

“It reminds me of my favorite movie, ‘The Blue Max.’ “ – Wolfgang

“A throw-back in time.” – Jamie

Wolfgang and Jamie Hahn of Fairfield, CT

An exhilorating ride!  		           says Marc Lockwood.

“An exhilorating ride. Lovers of aviation history should take this ride.”

“We saw our house from the air!

Marc Lockwood and daughter Melissa of Fairfield, CT